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Kicking off 2024 with Success: Highlights from the Bio360 Expo and MSME Training

We firstly would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a prosperous year ahead, as we edge ever-closer to launching our woodchip processing plant at CCF's Biomass Technology Demonstration Center in the coming months. In terms of outreach commitments, our Poject Lead; Huw Parry and our Head of Research and Admin, Dr Heike Knicker, were last week at the momentous Bio360 Expo and Conference event which took place in Nantes, France. The annual international exhibition, which brings together over 5000 participants from 45 different countries, also serves as a pivotal platform for combating climate change, with leading experts sharing insights to accelerate the biotransition. At the event, Huw Parry discussed our innovative torrefaction method and the use of superheated steam technology in transforming encroacher bush biomass into an eco-friendly coal substitute. Similarly, on day two, Dr. Knicker moderated a panel on biochar's role in soil enhancement and yield improvement.

You may click on the photos below to view the slideshow.

Furthermore, our project partners at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) hosted a SteamBioAfrica training seminar for local MSME owners, focused on enhancing the capacity of businesses in the bush biomass sector. Tailored topics covered business model development, financial planning, and marketing, preparing the MSME entrepreneurs in attendance to seize any new opportunities in-line with the imminent arrival of our solid biofuel to market. The training facilitated a platform for sharing knowledge, igniting discussions on sustainable bush utilisation and advocating for innovative approaches. Attendees were thereafter, also treated to a demonstration of the solid biofuel over an outdoor cooking stove application.

See some moments from the training session by clicking on the photos below.

We look forward to more stakeholder engagements of this nature in the coming months that fall in line with our objective of spreading awareness on our new renewable and clean-burning source of energy. For those not yet subscribed to our social media sites on LinkedIn, X , Facebook and YouTube, please do so to receive any updates we may post.


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