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Empowering Entrepreneurs: MSME Training Takes Botswana by Storm, Public Engagement Ignites Ovitoto

As we gear up for the final months of our renewable energy project, we have been hard at work sensitising the public on the SteamBioAfrica initiative, with the ultimate aim of addressing the issue of inordinate invasive bush biomass and the need for a cleaner and sustainable coal-substitute.

Last week, our partners at BITRI, in collaboration with the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), undertook an MSME training session for 45 aspiring local businessmen and women in Tlokweng, Botswana. The seminar aimed to develop the entrepreneurial and business management skills of participants to enable them to run their potential enterprises successfully and strategically.

The training covered the commercialisation and potential opportunities our new and renewable solid biofuel offers, the use of a Business Model Canvas (BMC), the preparation of business plans and the environmental and commercial benefits of bush harvesting and processing.

A few photos can be viewed in the slideshow below

Stakeholder enagagement at Ovitoto in Namibia

Likewise yesterday, N-BiG in conjunction with Carbon Capital, also hosted a stakeholder engagement session at Okandjira, within the Ovitoto communal constituency in Namibia. The focus of this event was to acquaint the local farmers in the area with the pertinent problem of bush encroachment affecting much of Namibia's rangeland and Southern Africa at large; as well as how the SteamBioAfrica initiative aims to form sustainable value chains for both industrial and domestic users.

Epafras Andreas of N-BiG led the presentation to the public on the kinds of invasive bush species found in Namibia and how farmers can get involved in not only creating value from this renewable resource through sustainable harvesting methods, but also improving their soil quality and subsequently that of their animal feed.

Interestingly, some of the female farmers in the area seemed particularly keen on our project initiative and attendees were encouraged to ask questions and provide inputs on issues discussed. Thereafter a live demonstration was set up for the public to get a first-hand glimpse of the cooking and heating benefits of our solid biofuel.

On a final note, the Constituency Councillor, Mr Israel Hukura, pledged his support and that of his community to the fight against invasive bush biomass and addressing the need for a sustainable source of energy.

Have a look at some photos from the day are in the slideshow below


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