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SteamBioAfrica Project Overview

We will create a commercially viable technology solution that will stimulate the harvesting of invasive woody biomass. We will achieve this by upscaling, adapting, and proving our original SteamBio technology, to confirm that it creates a net economic, social, and environmental benefit.


The project aims to validate

The design and manufacturing pathways, in order to offer a commercially viable and industrially scaled system (up to 10 tonnes/hour throughput). This will drive post-project commercialisation, amplifying the reach and benefit of the SteamBioAfrica project. Widespread rollout will realise significant sustainable green economic growth, rural employment, and ecosystem restoration.

Energy Insecurity
Climate Impacts
Water Shortage
Bush Encroachment
High Unemployment
Gender inequality
Social exclusion and marginalization

SteamBioAfrica Emblem


Clean & Secure
Sustainable & Affordable
Energy Supply
Rural Employment
Land Restoration
Gender equality
Social inclusion

EU H2020 Clustering

SteamBioAfrica is one of the projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that are seeking to bring clean, secure, and affordable energy to Africa. Through clustering activities we seek to ensure exchange of best practice, reach and impact.

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