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A look at the gender transformative approaches employed by SteamBioAfrica

In this week's news, our colleagues from some of our partner institutions collaboratively released a publication titled the 'Gender Transformative Approaches Toolkit'.

In brief, it takes a look at some of the issues the SBA project wishes to address, that fall beyond the scope of just introducing a new solid biofuel product. Of particular importance is the term 'Gender-Transformative Approaches' which highlights a broad category of developments and research methods which aim to dismantle the structural causes of inequality over the long term, rather than only focus on the short term solutions to these barriers of gender inclusion - as is commonly associated with the gender-sensitive approach.

The empowerment of women and marginalised communities remains key to the success of the our efforts and in having recognised this, we developed a toolkit that outlines the key findings identified during scoping in Namibia, an array of gender-transformative methodologies that can be adapted to meet the needs of SteamBioAfrica activities. For further reading on this paper, be sure to head over to the 'Research' tab on our website and click on the Gender-Transformative Approaches Toolkit download tab.


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