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The Eagle has landed!

The Biomass Processing Unit (BPU) has arrived on site and is now being installed. The technology forms the core of the SteamBio Africa project. It will be installed and commissioned over the next 2 months, aiming to be in full production by mid-to-late March 2023.

A team from CE Bennet, who manufactured the BPU, have also arrived in Namibia to oversee the installation.

Video: The disassembled Biomass Processing Unit was shipped to Namibia in three forty foot containers, having left the United Kingdom over 8 weeks ago. The video shows the last of the three containers being offloaded on site.

Photo: The offloading of the components commenced after the Customs inspection was finalized. The rotary valves being offloaded in the photo were custom engineered and built for the Biomass Processing Unit.

Photo: The rigging and assembly of the Biomass Processing Unit is underway. The main processing chamber will be located on the first floor of the raised steel structure, allowing for easy access from all sides - even the bottom.

Photo: The CE Bennet team overseeing the installation at the Cheetah Conservation Fund site in Namibia. From left to right, Andrew Clark, Robin Knight, Brad Smith. Photo taken by Drew Judge Clark.


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