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SteamBio Africa in Botswana

SteamBio Africa's Month 12 consortium meeting was hosted by the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI) in Gabarone, Botswana. It was a hybrid meeting, however, 8 of the 15 partners were present in person, the rest joining remotely.

Image: 12 Month Consortium Meeting in progress.

These consortium meetings take place every 6 months and ensure that all 15 partners are aligned and informed of activities within all 13 Work Packages that make up the project. These meetings allow for research findings, milestones, and activities to be presented and discussed, as well as to provide partners the opportunity to coordinate, give input, voice questions and concerns, and offer support and solutions.

Image: Stakeholder engagement with woman-led SMEs in rural Botswana.

Apart from a successful Month 12 consortium meeting, there were a number of other project activities that took place in Botswana before and after the consortium meeting, including stakeholder engagements with policy makers, regulators, industrial companies, financial service providers, development organisations, SMEs, active biomass projects, and rural communities, as well as field visits and sampling for ongoing research.

Image: Drum kilns being operated, using invasive alien Prosopis spp. biomass to produce charcoal in south-west Botswana at the government supported Boravast Charcoal Project.

Image: SteamBio Africa partners visited the Botswana Consumer Fair 2022, held in Gabarone. We engaged with relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE).

Image: The project partners present were given a tour of the BITRI facilities, including their highly equipped laboratories. There is cutting edge research and development taking place at BITRI within the areas of climate change, mineralogy, nanotechnology and biotechnology.


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