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Solar PV system update

With the ground work completed, the installation of the mounting structures for the solar system has commenced and it is on track. Once operational, the power supply from this system will provide renewable energy to the SteamBio Africa site on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, to ensure that the Biomass Processing Unit (BPU) can also operate continuously.

SteamBio Africa is committed to using renewable energy to minimize the carbon footprint of the resulting biofuel and byproducts as well as to ensure the sustainability of the project as a whole.

Additionally, the CCF site is not grid connected and as such, a fully independent off-grid power solution was required either way.

In other news, the BPU is in transit towards Namibia's port, Walvis Bay. The MSC Sarya III vessel has departed the coast of Togo earlier today and is on route to Luanda, Angola, and thereafter, Namibia.

You can track the vessels progress via the following link by searching for the vessel, "MSC Sarya III" ;


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