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GESI workshops at Consortium Six-Month Meeting - March 2022

Two interactive workshops on gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) have been performed in relation to the month six (M6) project meeting.

The GESI-team from SLU provided two interactive workshops for partners to build capacity on gender equality and social inclusion. Participants were active and engaged, both in person and online.

Questions discussed included: What types of social inequality could be relevant to SteamBioAfrica? How might SteamBioAfrica’s activities empower women? Empower others?

The GESI-team also introduced the monitoring and evaluation tool that will be used in the project: The Most Significant Change Technique. This qualitative method allows for easier identification of complex issues related to gender equality and social inclusion. When such issues arise, even if unexpected, the project will be able to adapt its activities as needed, in order to reinforce its positive impacts and forestall any unintended consequences.


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