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The Clean Successor
to Fossil Fuels

Innovative superheated steam processing of unwanted bush and invasive biomass into high value clean burning, affordable and secure solid biofuel.

Clean Burning Biofuel

By advanced torrefaction process.

Creating value from unwanted encroaching bush and invasive biomass transforming it into clean burning solid biofuel and condensate containing water and biochemicals with economic potential.


An EU-Africa industry research partnership.

Launched on 1st September 2021 and supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme.

Successful delivery of SteamBioAfrica will enable large scale, clean, secure, and affordable energy. It addresses many of the challenges facing Southern Africa, including dependence on low carbon energy, climate change vulnerability and resource inefficiency. SteamBioAfrica will transform these challenges into a resilient source of clean and secure energy, water, and sustainable rural economies.

European Commission's Horizon 2020
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Our Challenge

Encroachment by both native and alien invasive woody species, aggravated by climate change, is creating environmental, social, and economic damage. SteamBioAfrica will demonstrate how using a superheated steam process can convert this invasive woody biomass into clean burning solid biofuel and water across southern Africa. Promotion of best harvesting and land management practices, coupled with a market for the resulting biomass will in turn stimulate effective land restoration. This will create new and viable opportunities at the household level as well as the industrial scale, both in rural and urban settings.

Successful commercialisation

of the project will create new and sustainable value chains, wealth and new jobs in rural areas across Southern Africa, and restore degraded ecosystems to support farming and wildlife


Fossil Fuels


Global Warming

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